Monday, April 19, 2010

A Muse of Bats

Over time I have come to appreciate bats.  They fly across my porch by the hundreds at eventide.  If I stay outside I am bound to be careened into by a baby or have some tired soul light on my back or front...They are not too particular.  

There is a kind of wonderment now.  Not at their microscopic beatitudes but at the loss of my former terror.  The more I remain outside over time the less they are inclined to avoid me.  Therefore I only experiment on the rare occasion.  Just enough to reassert my courage under flyer!!

See the story of this stunning photo here.



  1. This is your blatant attempt to capitalize on the current Vampire craze! (Just kidding). Awesome photos, by the way.

  2. Isn't that something!! Did you follow the link back to the source? There are several excellent photos plus a photo of the photographer and his set-up. Neat man!

  3. Yes, I went into the link and saw the photo of the set up. That took quite a log of finagaling I am sure.


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