Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hope in the Grace of God and Guard Your Thoughts

It was said that some philosophers came one day to test the monks. One monk, a Libyan, passed by, and they said to him, "You old scoundrel of a monk, come here," and they compelled him to come. They gave him a box on the ear, but he offered them the other cheek. At once the philosophers arose and prostrated themselves before him, saying, "Truly this is a monk." Then they sat him down in their midst and questioned him, "What do you, in the desert, do more than we? You fast, and we also fast; you keep vigil, and we also keep vigil; and all you do, we do also. What more do you who live in the desert do?" The old man said to them, "We hope in the grace of God and guard our thoughts." They said to him, "We are not able to do that." Edified, they took their leave.

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